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Hi, I'm Andy

I believe that everyone is capable of deep love and conscious connection, which I unlock by guiding conscious leaders and organizations to purpose via higher guidance. My social entrepreneurial journey currently focuses on exploring the intersection of technology and conscious dialogue to release our collective wisdom so that we may all share a just and loving world together.

My purpose is to unify humanity. I envision a world that embraces healthy tensions to nurture dignity and agency for every person. I’m passionate about human flourishing and equity rooted in a regenerative relationship with our precious planet.

My Message

Deep down inside every single person is a child that simply wants to play. It is every person’s right and responsibility to do their work to release this child from its bonds. Yes, some people have many more layers put upon them by society. Loving this child is the key to humanity’s evolution. It’s a lifelong pursuit. It is, in fact, the very point of human life.

Andy Swindler and Michelle Bess speak at FWD (For Women & Diversity) Collective Summit about the white man's role in diversity.

Andy Swindler and Michelle Bess speak at FWD (For Women & Diversity) Collective Summit about the white man's role in diversity.

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As a career-long entrepreneur, I apply what I’ve learned to the art of purpose coaching and consulting. I hold space for you and your team to explore the ultimate questions through a journey of personal and collective introspection.

Only a power beyond the mind’s perception can wield the flame of illumination that burns so brightly. Only with the courage that emerges from love can you face what we’re usually taught to avoid. And only by facing this truth will you free yourself and join the new paradigm of loving leaders.

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FeelReal brings together hearts divided by minds. What the world needs now more than anything else are brave spaces for people to feel deeply—within themselves and together with each other. 

The powerful evolution of real-time video tools affords more accessibility so we can form communities across traditional boundaries of geography, time zones, ethnicity, religion, and economy. FeelReal organizes people in virtual intimate gatherings to shift the dominant narrative from fear to love. 

Are you ready to live your truth?

In 2019 I was able to visit the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Unpacking our history of systemic racism is part of my journey about which I've become extremely passionate. Here's a short video about my experience in Montgomery.

Wheel of Power/Privilege by @SylviaDuckworth

Moving at the “Speed of Care”: Privilege, Energy and Action

January 17, 2022

This piece provides a unique way for each of us to evaluate the privileges we have in our lives, and to consider how that may impact our lives and how we impact other people. The current design of our social systems creates more friction for some people (marginalization) and less for others (privilege). Those who experience less friction have more energy, and therefore have an opportunity—if not an obligation—to apply that energy to reduce the friction caused by our systems and attitudes. In other words, it’s a framework to help each of us move at the speed of care.

Andy Swindler on Podcast

#HowMenCry Interview

January 6, 2022

Andy was honored to be interviewed by Jordan “Dxtr Spits” Holmes for the How Men Cry project, which is a collective seeking to change the narrative around men’s mental health by sharing honest stories in safe spaces. Wherever you are on your journey, they welcome you with everything you carry.

White Man in Revolutionary War Costume with Children Reciting Pledge Of Allegiance During A Street Fair

America For All

April 1, 2021

I grew up in a small town of 10,000 people called Fulton, Missouri, USA, in the 1980s. While the area was generally rural, Fulton was unusually rich in culture. It has two colleges, the state school for the deaf, a state prison, a significant connection to history (e.g., Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech, a sculpture made from eight sections of the Berlin Wall), lots of farmers, academics, scientists and working class families. Fulton stands as the seat of Callaway County, which seceded from both the North and South and technically has never rejoined the United States. To this day people still refer to it as the “Kingdom of Callaway”.

Yet even with all that diversity of thought and experience, it is still populated— overwhelmingly—by people with lightly melanated skin (a.k.a. white people).

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