What's possible when you fall in love with your own story?

Are you a leader and changemaker who wants to make a difference in the world? Do you have the courage to start with yourself?

Have you embraced a lifelong curiosity about yourself and the world?

Are you ready to achieve a whole sense of self-awareness so you are better equipped to transform the world around you?

For changemakers, people in transition and those who are professionally unfulfilled, purpose helps you decide how to invest your energy in the next chapter of your life.

For CEOs, managers and conscious business leaders, knowing your purpose helps you know how you relate to your business. Sometimes there is direct alignment between your purpose and your business and sometimes there is not.

If there is a disconnect, then you risk imposing your purpose onto your people and the company, which fragments ideas and results.

You’ll never know until you find your own purpose.

Here are some questions to get us started:

Does your impact match your intentions?

Are you playing small?

You’re moving fast, but where are you going?

Are you ready to embrace the whole human experience?

What have you invited into your life to pull you away from this moment?

What would be different if you were invited to show up as your whole self?

If you don’t love yourself wholly, how can you truly love others?

Does the world happen to you and do you spend all day reacting to it?

What if you could be yourself all day long?

What do you need? What magic do you hold? I can help you:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others. This will help you navigate each moment with more curiosity than judgment.
  • Gain clarity of direction and the momentum to get there. Once you know which way you’re pointed, you’ll find more meaningful roads to travel.
  • Understand your own purpose to drive higher alignment with your organization’s purpose. This will help you better relate to your team and company so you do not impose your own purpose if there are times when it is not shared directly with your company.
  • Experience synchronicity and competitive advantage. The more you live on purpose, the more you will see dots connecting in your life that lead to more opportunities, and the more you can maintain a clear head and heart to embrace those opportunities.
  • Develop the clarity to say yes and the confidence to say no. Learn which parts of your life are most purposeful and which are not, and then develop and follow a plan to prioritize purpose in your life. Your purpose is already within you, so you’re already living by it to some extent. This applies directly to the sense of feeling like you are over-committed, because non-purposeful activities in your life drain energy rather than restore it.
  • Hone your ability to make purposeful choices both large and small by fine tuning your intuition and learning how to listen to it. Once you know your purpose and your plan, it becomes clearer how to choose purpose in any given moment.
  • Find wholeness that is greater than the sum of your parts, so you can bring your team closer together and practice a mindset of integration.
  • Develop highly charged purpose language unique to you that will help guide you on a daily basis.
  • Discover tools and practices for an ongoing deepening of your purpose over time.
  • Learn to love yourself so you can share your greatest gifts with the world. Do you want to change your world? Start with yourself.

If I haven’t met you, I don’t know how I can help you or if purpose coaching is right for you right now.

I’d love to have a conversation to see how I can help you grow.

Client Love

Jean Pitzo, CEO, ACE Metal Crafts

Jean Pitzo, CEO, ACE Metal Crafts

"Working with Andy has brought a peacefulness to my leadership. Knowing my True Purpose® on such a deep level makes so many decisions easier. Andy’s coaching style put myself and our executive team at ease very early in our partnership. The ACE team is very fortunate to be working with Andy."

Executive Purpose Coach Conscious Culture Consultant Testimonials Hector Leon

Hector Leon, Plant Manager, GreenSeed Contract Packaging

"After learning my purpose with Andy, I now have an internal peace and know myself better. I am peaceful and more grateful than ever. I see the good in everything. I know how to make solid decisions today. And it helped me be a better father. I have more focused quality time with my family and we are building better communication together."

Chad Gabriel

Chad Gabriel, Tuthill Corporation

"Andy is wise beyond his years and he has helped me to discover my individual purpose through True Purpose® coaching. Andy walks the conscious walk and continuously stretches into new areas for his growth. I consider Andy a friend, a coach, and a person who will make the world a better place."

Hans Skillrud

Hans Skillrud, Owner, StickOutSocial

"I came in a bit skeptical about finding my purpose, but ended up completing the entire course because of how impactful it was for me as a human being with a lot of questions. Andy led me on a purpose journey that opened my eyes to new ways of looking at my life and business. I found parts of me that have wanted to have a voice for a long time, and now they do. The best gift I can give someone is an introduction to Andy."

Paul Berg, Paul Berg Photography

Paul Berg, Paul Berg Photography

"I went through Andy's 12-week 'Guided By Purpose' workshop and found it most beneficial. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone striving to find their true purpose in life."

Dr. Nicole Krakora

Dr. Nicole Krakora, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

"Andy holds space for helping to dive into the the essence of who you are and finding your purpose. His step by step approach yields amazing results. The practices and exercises he had me incorporate to find my purpose have become daily rituals. I highly recommend his process to finding clarity!"

Are you curious?

Take the first step into your new world.

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