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An Invitation: Guided By Purpose
16-Week Small Group Journey



Why are you here?

You are here for a reason. On this page, yes, since I chose you specifically. And also on this planet at this time.

Are you trying to build something innovative to improve a world that seems stuck in old ways?

Does retaining your staff keep you up at night?

Is the story you tell people through your marketing about what you believe?

On March 15, 2018, I’m embarking on a journey with eight curious souls. These are proven leaders who have accomplished significant feats in the world, even if they were done quietly. Some are searching for what’s next and others still have plenty of momentum.

You share a common yearning to deepen your impact by clarifying your relationship with yourself and the world. Purpose is a tool that helps guide and give lift.

What holds you back? What propels you forward? What distracts you from this moment?

Learning your purpose

You’ve done big things. You’re doing big things. You feel in your heart that you are meant to help make the world better, and lead others to do the same.

As a changemaker, you need a deep-rooted source of conviction and courage to realize your full impact. I reached out to you because I believe you have this quality, and yet it can always be stronger through practice.

At the core of our journey lies the proven True Purpose® methodology that helps you connect with a higher source of guidance. You’ll find powerful words to express your soul’s purpose to lead a more purposeful and impactful life.

You will learn how to prioritize relationships and activities that are aligned with your purpose over those that are not. Understanding yourself more fully will help you to be aware of how you react when faced with the significant challenges you’ve taken on to co-create a better world. Managing your reaction will make you a more efficient and effective changemaker.

You will have time to practice developing a heightened sense of awareness by curiously exploring your relationship with your ego and psyche, which are motivated to keep you from living your purpose fully since it can be perceived as a risk to the status quo of comfort and security.

This will embolden how you move through your life, since we’ll get to the core of fear and impulsive reactions that keep us divided. Through learning to recognize them in yourself, you’ll start to understand other people’s deepest motivators.

Our journey will span 16 weeks hosted virtually through Zoom video sessions, which are no longer than two hours starting at 9am Central on March 15, 2018. You will also receive one-on-one support from me directly on a scheduled basis.

This expanded format makes space for immersive self-discovery and intimate sharing among a like-hearted group of peers who are concerned with addressing the world’s greatest challenges.

Who am I to guide this group?

My purpose is to still the world so it may hear its own heartbeat. And I’m starting with you.

One of the ways I do this is by offering people a structured place for peaceful reflection and self love, which in my business experience did not happen unless I created it myself. It often felt like there was an endless list of tasks and people who needed my attention, which led me to forget to love me.

I’ve now realized that knowing my purpose helps leaders prioritize and choose how to spend their limited time and energy in a way that is more clearly aligned with their intended impact.

I owned and operated a business for 14 years. We saw soaring highs and devastating lows, which gave me rich access to the full spectrum of emotions that go with facing sustained leadership challenges on a daily basis.

One of the most important things I learned is that if I lacked clarity, the team and company would never find it.

I’ve just complete a year’s worth of formal training and practice around purpose, ego and leadership, including developing my own leadfromlove.io Metamodel framework to align it all.

No two groups are ever the same. That’s part of the magic that emerges. My role is to provide space for the group to find its own way as much as it is to guide a specific curriculum.

What’s your investment?

  • Can you find space in your life and heart to commit to this journey? Specifically, 2-3 hours per week for four months.
  • A seat on this journey costs $600/month, for a total of $2,400.

I imagine the time might be more precious to you than the money, so I intend to make every second count.

Since I’ve only invited a small group of people that I’ve personally selected through dozens of conversations over the past year, I prefer to have a direct conversation with you to find out if this is the right time and journey for you to grow and prosper in 2018.

Please email me at andy@leadfromlove.io to set up a time to chat, or just call my mobile phone at 312.208.6355.

With purpose,