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I’m making a stand for you.

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Hi, I’m Andy.

My coaching practice focuses on two areas of personal growth: wholeness and freedom.

Andy Swindler

I help people to lead more fulfilling lives and share their gifts with the world by learning their purpose and developing the emotional capacity to live it fully.

I’m a down to earth midwestern guy who learned countless lessons by growing companies for 15 years. These experiences taught me more than any other activity in my life about culture, management, branding, marketing, technology, clients and ultimately – me.

My career led me to build sophisticated enterprise-level software that’s still in use, develop innovative training programs, negotiate with federal agencies, help incredible teams of people reach their potential together, face the wrath of angry clients, negotiate the sale of a business, deal with the financial fallout of poor cash flow and more.

You can learn from my experiences.

Self-empowerment is a consistent theme throughout my career. I spent years building technology to help businesses guide their own success. Now I help people access their innermost truth to reveal their clarity and power from the inside, which guides them through each purposeful moment.

Most people know me as a technology and marketing consultant. That’s part of the story, but it wasn’t enough for me because I wanted to change the world to reduce suffering. This led me to a journey of self reflection about what it means to be human individually and collectively.

I’ve spent the past several years exploring different aspects of myself and doing a lot of hard work. I studied nutrition, movement, mindfulness, meditation, organizational culture, emotional awareness, consent, conscious philosophy, leadership development and purpose.

I started questioning things I once took for granted, like how many of my expectations were externally generated and how much time I had squandered ruminating about the past or future rather than focusing on the moment.

As I’ve settled into this journey of intuitive discovery, I realized that the work never ends.

It’s just life. And it’s beautiful.

Taking the necessary time to investigate and fine tune the different parts of my life has led me to find a clarity of purpose in each moment.

We spend so much of our time judging and limiting ourselves, often in the assumed service of someone or something else. Should I have said more, or said less? Can I forgive or be forgiven? Do I hide in thoughts of the past rather than staying present?

This not only holds us each back individually, it inhibits our collective power to provide more love and well-being for everyone.

Happiness is just one part of the human expression. Our “happiness” has been commoditized, packaged, shipped, delivered and served in front of the TV.

A life of wholeness begins through a deep exploration of purpose and self-awareness.


I’ve explored and experimented with purpose methods and conscious business models for the past several years, many of which I applied in the last years of my agency before I sold it. My journey led me to meet people who also believe that business can be a force for good in the world just as I examined the gap between my intention and my impact.

I discovered my own purpose using the True Purpose® method developed by Tim Kelley and the True Purpose® Institute. After ten years of evolution and more than 2,000 coaches trained, it’s a well-practiced method to fine tune your connection to your inner wisdom and articulate your purpose. I found it to be so effective that I became licensed as a coach, which is the foundation of Lead From Love.

Here’s what it did for me:

  • Provided clarity about my intuitive behaviors to help me know when I’m acting on purpose and be more intentional about it.
  • Provided very precise and powerful language for me to understand my purpose.
  • Helped me build a tangible framework for how to bring that purposeful behavior into my life more often, which has already led to more synchronicity.
  • Provided me with powerful ways to embrace what is most meaningful in my life and let go of those things that no longer serve me, like stuff, old habits and unproductive conditioning.
  • Created direct access to my ego and my intuition so that I can continue to fine tune the partnership between them and grow in balanced wholeness.
  • Helped me realize that the most powerful impact of living a purposeful life is how I apply that purpose to myself, which in turn gives me focus and momentum to help others.
  • Helped me find language to discuss my purpose with others to find lasting alignment more quickly and powerfully.
  • Embrace full spectrum thinking by inviting multiple perspectives while controlling my reactions if I feel threatened or judgmental.
  • Helps me say no from a place of love.

My business became an excuse for me to stop working on myself. Frankly I was lucky to receive very obvious signals that I was not in a good place.

It’s sometimes harder for those who have checked off all the typical boxes of success to understand why their hearts still long for something more.

If any of my experience resonates with you, I’d love to have a conversation.

Are you curious about your purpose? Let’s talk!