Lead from Love

I’ve explored and experimented with purpose methods and conscious business models for the past several years, many of which I applied in the last years of my agency before I sold it. My journey led me to meet people who also believe that business can be a force for good in the world just as I examined the gap between my intention and my impact.

I discovered my own purpose using the True Purpose® method developed by Tim Kelley and the True Purpose® Institute. After ten years of evolution and more than 2,000 coaches trained, it’s a well-practiced method to fine tune your connection to your inner wisdom and articulate your purpose. I found it to be so effective that I became a certified True Purpose® coach, group facilitator and consultant, which are at the heart of Lead From Love.

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I look around and see a world that has not yet met even half of its potential. We often look past each other’s true human splendor to grasp the worst possible story of each other in our desperate attempt to feel safer. You don’t have to look far to see that our institutions are crumbling—our government, our schools, our churches, and our businesses. The rigid structures and limited identities that got us this far simply aren’t going to be enough to take us into our new, shared future.

We are each capable of tremendous love... and searing hatred. What we manifest depends on what we choose to practice. To avoid our own despondency and devastation, we must activate the creative capacity of everyone. This is beyond equity, but it supports an equitable worldview. We need to practice presence and meet each other as humans, seeing past our binary ideologies and identities that provide a false sense of comfort and security.