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Purpose Coaching

I’m a guide. This process is one of self-discovery and the real work here is done by you.

I will meet you where you are and guide us to create a calm space together. We will proceed with curiosity to help you turn one significant corner and find new opportunities in life. I will clear the energy for you to find your own path to truth and clarity of purpose.

My goal is to find the one most powerful question that can change your outlook, demeanor and ultimately your behavior. I will help you believe what you already know to be true.

You will be equipped with the power to stabilize and return to your own truth. This will radiate to others. You will be charged up. You will start to see your dreams more clearly. You will be pointed in a new direction and confidently equipped with tools and wisdom to move that way.

Your heart and eyes will be open to perspectives and possibilities that were not available to you before. Your anxieties will lessen and your spirit will be lifted and nourished. You will look at the world with love.

This is how I help you share your love with the world.

What’s your question?

The core of my coaching process is based on True Purpose® developed by Tim Kelley and the True Purpose® Institute. I also draw from 15 years of entrepreneurship, which helps me relate directly to the pressures and needs you face as a conscious leader and changemaker.

My perspective as a business owner and consultant will help you apply an entrepreneurial mindset to the challenges and opportunities your organization faces every day.

The True Purpose® process reinforces a mindset of lifelong learning. It comprises five distinct stages that have been road tested with more than 2,000 coaches over 10 years of development. The community continues to learn and evolve the practice together based on each coach’s unique style and experience.

  1. Ego Engagement – Get in touch with your ego. Learn its essential role in your life and how it can help you learn your purpose. You will be equipped with tools that can constructively impact your life far beyond purpose coaching.
  2. Ego Permission – Before continuing this journey, it’s critical to train your ego to be a coach in your life through direct dialog. We’ll identify and retrain the parts of your psyche that may be preventing you from accessing your purpose or sabotaging your life in unknown ways.
  3. Connection & Inquiry – The magic of True Purpose® comes from your connection to a Trusted Source of wisdom that already knows your purpose. We call this direct access, which distinguishes this approach from most others that use indirect access methods such as interviews and historical evidence. I will adapt to your belief system, from your God to your gut.
  4. Purpose Interpretation – Once you’ve received enough purpose information from your Trusted Source, we need to make sense of it by sorting this information into categories and writing powerful detailed purpose statements that are meaningful to you.
  5. Purpose Manifestation – Now that you’ve used the True Purpose® process to receive and refine highly charged and meaningful purpose language that is uniquely yours, you have a decision to make. How purposeful do you want your life to be? I’ll help you write a strategic plan to provide an accountable framework for living your purpose. This is where you’ll design a specific partnership with your ego to live purposefully.

Purpose Coaching Process

Your journey to discover your purpose will span 10 weekly sessions. Scheduling is flexible based on your preference and our mutual availability.

Coaching sessions are typically remote via video chat or phone. We will collaborate via Google Docs and there will be approximately 2-3 hours of personal work each week outside our sessions.

You can get stuck or decide not to move forward at any stage. If you do, you’ll eventually end up back where you started ‐ confusion or curiosity.

In order to succeed at manifesting your purpose, you will need to establish new habits of purposeful living over several months to sustain the transformation that is possible for you.

Together we will design a plan for you based on how purposeful you want your life to be. I am available for ongoing support and accountability to ensure that you stick to it. I want the world to feel your love!

Embolden your impact in the world.

Are you curious about your purpose? Let’s talk!