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Ready to change your world?

Start by learning to love your whole self.


I’m looking for conscious leaders who are ready to embrace their whole selves and realize their impact through a love of purpose.

Purpose provides clarity and confidence. It’s a powerful decision-making tool in each moment of our distracted lives.

Is it time to let your love free by embracing your greatest purpose?

The world needs your creative leadership. You have the power to help. It may seem like a big request, but if you feel the world calling, then it’s time to listen and release that power within you.

Activating your power will take some work. You’ll need to confront and even learn to love your fear. We’ve got this. Together.

I can help you reveal and articulate your unique purpose, which will expand your capacity for meaningful dialogue, authentic relationships and prosperous co-creation in all areas of life. Success in the 21st century is based on these leadership principles.

What’s love got to do with business? Everything.

The pioneers of conscious leadership and business have been sneaking love into the boardroom for decades. Their early success gives me the confidence that the business world is ready to call love what it is and recognize its deep value within business.

Organizations are, after all, made of people. Those people have shared goals that are best served when aligned with a common organizational purpose.

Why are so many companies so incredibly inefficient?

Why are people so tired and unhealthy?

What will it take for leaders to see the connection between how we treat people and how they perform?

When will businesses start to heal the people they serve?

How does all this relate to performing better financially?

Lead from love

The name of my coaching and consulting practice is a direct result of the purpose process at the core of my work.

It means working every day to nurture a core of profound self-awareness and appreciation. Love is the hardest and most noble work on the planet. Face love. Look it in the eye. Embrace it in all its complex messiness, for that is where the beauty and power lie.

I equate love to wholeness. Once we become love, we radiate it to others. We relate in new ways that lead to purposeful co-creation through authentic dialogue.

Being whole means getting to know and embracing all our parts, even the ones we have trained ourselves not to like because they seem frightening and disruptive.

If your lack of wholeness is unwittingly holding you or other people back from your true potential, then you have work to do.

Love is embracing pain along with joy. You don’t need to seek it, but you need to honor it when it shows up. We’re not typically trained to do this. Most of us are conditioned to avoid pain and seek joy, but this leads to an unbalanced and unfulfilled life that limits our power.

Love. What’s Real.

Are you curious about your purpose? Let’s talk!