Clarity is Kindness

I recently completed a year-long purpose discovery process with a conscious manufacturing company. They have about $20 million in revenue with 160 people. I used the True Purpose® Consulting methodology, which is a deeply rich, emergent energy practice to articulate purpose from the heart rather than invent it from the mind.

“Kindness” was the dominant theme throughout this company’s higher purpose. This is resonant already in their culture, and still there is no limit to the impact that kindness may have on the world, particularly as they continue to deepen their embodiment of this, which inevitably ripples out into the world in seen and unseen ways.

Kindness could be thought of as a subtle force, and therefore may seem less flashy or powerful than other louder forces in the world. But it’s felt more deeply than those, and the impact is more lasting and loving.

Make no mistake. Our world suffers from a general poverty of kindness because it’s far easier to scale fear than love or kindness. The protective aspects of our beings have the ability to upend our more compassionate and sensitive natures when we feel threatened in any way.

Kindness isn’t just about being “nice.” In fact, it might often appear as the opposite of nice when we embrace the courage of truthful clarity, which are core values that this company lives every day. This is especially obvious in a business setting when there is lower trust—as in the case of a new employee—or a conditioned fear of being reprimanded or criticized for making a mistake rather than supported and nurtured.

Their opportunity is to deepen an embodiment of kindness in all its forms, which includes accepting people with compassion and holding people to a higher standard of growth through clarity of language. This deep commitment to the powerful potential of a subtle force can ripple out into the world that they influence, particularly their stakeholders. This is a key concept to operating a conscious business that cultivates human flourishing.

It will require trust to know that their influence is happening even if it’s not always seen or reported.

Embodying kindness is a profound act of courage.

How do you embrace kindness in your own life and leadership?

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