#HowMenCry Interview

Andy was honored to be interviewed by Jordan “Dxtr Spits” Holmes for the How Men Cry project, which is a collective seeking to change the narrative around men’s mental health by sharing honest stories in safe spaces. Wherever you are on your journey, they welcome you with everything you carry.

Man #0 is our creator Dxtr Spits. It’s his story that sparked this movement. At his heart, Dxtr is an artist and creator. Throughout history it has been the artists who have moved the masses and lit the fires of change. At this moment in history, Dxtr and How Men Cry seek to use the spoken word to change the narrative around men’s mental health. The men sharing their stories (HMCs) are that movement and their words make up our communal wall. It’s an honest and raw space of vulnerability and truth – a place where no punches are pulled and no man is left alone in his truth. 

Listen to Andy’s Interview: Episode 13 on Spotify

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