Magic Moments

Stairway to MagicThere is a moment
When you realize that change is not only inevitable
But good
Fear doesn’t melt away completely
But it transforms into the positivity born of inspiration
When anything seems possible and nothing can stand in your way.

This moment must not be neglected
Don’t turn away or run from it
It may be unfamiliar
But don’t be afraid
It can catalyze momentum and guide you to your dreams.

From this moment you’ll measure time
To each span of growth
Remembering the time before this moment when the world looked different
The story of this moment will propel you and inspire others to trust your vision
You can’t tell a better story until you’re living one.

Change comes from within
But we need others to fully realize it
Our true character is revealed
When we’re vulnerable enough to connect
Leaving the ego’s fears behind
To find our truest purpose.

We must each become stronger for ourselves
So we can be stronger as a tribe
And the tribes create the strength of our species.

Our limited perceptions mean that we often need other people to help us see ourselves.
We need them to reflect on ourselves
To achieve that moment of honesty
It takes vulnerability, which is something not easily accessed by all.

Everyone has a right to this moment and freedom to embrace it
But the choice to pursue purpose is all yours.

Use your power to increase prosperity for everyone
First by knowing where your worldview comes from
Your context, your purpose, your best assessment of what it all means from your unique perspective
Only then can you learn about other people’s perspective with minimal bias and defensiveness, being confident in your own point of view.

And once you truly open yourselves to another person’s perspective, you’ll begin to see the beautiful possibilities already surrounding you.

This is just the new beginning
The work that ensues won’t always be easy
But it’s all done in honor of that magic moment
The moment you moved from paralysis to possibility.

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