Sarah Silverman Leads From Love

Sarah Silverman is known for a brash comedic style that leaves a memorable impression long after the laughs subside. Recently she broke the Internet with her response to someone on Twitter calling her the “c” word.

Sarah could have reacted in any number of ways, and she chose love.

Sarah Silverman Leads From Love (

At the heart of Lead From Love is finding a way to love ourselves so deeply and thoroughly that we can love other people and show them that they are loved even when their behavior may seem undeserving of it.

This takes practice, patience and endurance. It requires a profound level of self-awareness and appreciation that someone’s story always runs deeper than what we see. We can choose how we react to people. We have a choice to see the best or worst in them.

Sarah learned what’s possible when we choose to see the best in people. It brought her closer to the person who had initially insulted her, helped him address the problem he was masking in vitriol and then radiated out to the world as everyone saw this incredible impact. That makes me believe the world is hungry for this kind of expression.

I know I’m going to think about this the next time someone’s behavior makes me think they are less than worthy of love and compassion. Will you join me?

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